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Hello Everyone,

My name is Reggie Cowan.  I like to sleep, eat, and watch the class.  I enjoy exploring, smelling new things, and watching the kids in my class (as long as they don't get too loud).

Here are the things I need someone to help me with in order to stay healthy:

1.  Change my litter every week.
2.  Remove my poo from the cage daily.
3.  Feed me vegetables, hay, a piece of fruit, Guinea Pig food and give me fresh water daily.
4.  Take me out of my cage for at least 20 minutes each day.
5.  Make sure I do not get any foods without asking Mrs. Cowan.  Some are like poison to me.
6.  Please do not put pine or pencil shavings in my cage.

Things about me you might like to know:
  - I love to be pet GENTLY.
  - I can only handle two people near me at a time.
  - I love to chew cords and cables.
  - I should only eat snacks that Mrs. Cowan has approved.
  - Please do not feed me through the bars of my
    home. I like to be fed through the door.


Dear Class and Friends,

I would like to thank you for letting me share your classroom with you.  I am looking forward to this year where I can swim around and watch you while you work and learn.

Here are some ways I like to be taken care of:

1.  Feed me once or twice a day giving us only enough that we can eat.  Extra food sinks to the bottom and makes the water dirty.  I don't like that!

2.  Please make sure our filter is working and that you change our filter once a month.  This will help to keep the water clean and us healthy!

3.  If you notice that the water becomes dirty or cloudy, please change most or all of the water using only bottled water to avoid the chemicals from the TAP water.

4.  Please also put live plants in the aquarium.  The plants do three things for us.  They provide oxogyn, food, and something for me to hide in when I get scared.

Thank you so much for taking care of me.


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