At what time do you have snack? Snack is at 9:50. (After specials) The school asks that you bring a SMALL nutritious snack, not a meal for this time. Your child is allowed to have a water bottle at school as well.

What kinds of food can my child bring for snack?

The state of Texas must follow the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value FMNV Law that has been set down. To see what these guide lines are please visit the following web site.
Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value:  Round Rock Policy

When do you go to lunch? Lunch is at 12:50. Two teacher will take the kids to lunch and remain in the cafeteria. The children are lined up at 1:20 to go out for recess.

 When do you go to
We go to PE on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. Please remember to wear your tennis shoes.

 When is your planning period?
My planning period is from 8:55-9:45. Please feel free to call me or come in. I am also available most mornings by 7:15 and after school until 4pm. If you would like to set up a conference during any of those times, let me know!

 May I bring cupcakes to celebrate my child's birthday? Yes!  However, they may not be given out until the last 30 minutes of the day.  Please let me know before you bring them so that I can change my lesson plans as needed.  Also, if there is a test, we will have to choose a different day to bring them.