Math Challenge Page

Here are some websites to challenge you by yourself, or to play against another person. These websites are not in any special order or grouped in anyway. 

So you Want to be a Math Millionaire - answer the word problems correctly to "win" a million dollars.

Math party Challenge
Can you plan this party?  Print the sheet above, then use either the Party city ads or this website to plan your party!
Party City Website

Math and Logic Puzzles- different games that make you think

MegaPenny Project -  Can you image large numbers?  This shows you them.  Here is a worksheet to help you take notes with what you are reading.

Quest for the Bridge - Go on a quest to help fix the bridge, solve math problems along the way

Build the Code -  A webquest using multiplication and cryptography (writing in codes). Here is the worksheet to go with it.

Brain Teasers - Logic problems

Power Lines 2
Let the competition begin!

Power lines - make all the numbers in a row line up to create the given sum

Power Lines 3
The Ultimate Challenge - one level only