Easy Place Value

Hard Place Value Games

Place Value Hockey - Read the place value and choose the correct numeral


Adventure sequence - practicing odd or even

Number Sense - Cyber chase: Create the largest number possible

Forest Ordering - putting numbers in the correct order

Place Value Match - Match and type the number

Decimal of the Caribbean - Decimal place value.

Dinosaur Place Value - VERY easy!

One False Move - put numbers in order to get out of the haunted house.

Shark Pool Place Value - Read Place Value Blocks, but don't let the sharks get you! FUN

Splat Place Value - answer correctly for the chance to shoot at a target

Place the Penguins - Put the penguins on the correct place value - EASY

Place Value Cards - using cards, create the largest number possible

Cookie Dough - learn to spell and write the numbers (Choose your own level!)

US Census of the USA what is the population of your state?