At Live Oak, Our children use S.E.E. (Signing Exact English).
This means if we say it, we sign it.
Most Deaf people use ASL (American Sign Language).
The sights I have put here, I have tried to keep with S.E.E.
Some are too cute not to include the ASL.

Books In S.E.E.
that you can buy!

(One place you can buy SEE books!) - a website for deaf children
Practice Reading words
spelled out to you

Signed Stories:  Books presented verbally and in sign.

Sign the Alphabet -

learn the letters

Sign language Math Words
In ASL and SEE

Koko - A gorilla that signs using ASL

Emma and Egor
Signing Exact English books!

Live Oak Interpreter Website: with signes on every grade level!

Hand Talk - Read signed letters to break a code.

Watch this book read in SEE (Signed Exact English!)