The Bill of Rights
First Amendment

Protects the American people's FREEDOMS:

1. freedom of religion
2. freedom of speech
3. freedom of press 

Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms or weapons

Third Amendment

Stops Quartering Act - not required to have soldiers live in your home

Fourth Amendment

Stops unreasonable searches and seizures - policeman must have a warrant or permission to search your belongings

Fifth Amendment

A person can not go to trail twice for the same crime.

Can choose not be a witness.

The right to remain silent.
Sixth Amendment

Right to a lawyer.

Right to an impartial jury.  


Seventh Amendment

The right to a trial by jury.
Eighth Amendment

Protects citizens rights to have fair and reasonable punishment.

Ninth Amendment

Consitution is not a complete list of rights.

Right to work and live where you want.

Tenth Amendment

Limits the power of the national government giving power to the states.