Causes of the Civil War

Differences between the North and South
Most people in the North disliked slavery. They especially did not want to see slavery spread to new territories in the West.

Workers in the North were paid for their labor and were free to take jobs of their choice.

In the North, cities grew large and new industries began to appear. Canals and railroads made it possible for farmers, ranchers, and business owners to move goods over long distances.
The South had plantations which depended on slave labor.

This region depended on workers who were paid for their work and were free to take jobs of their choice.

Farming was a way of life for most people in this region, and cotton was the most important crop.

The Event
What happened
Missouri Compomise

To ease rising frustrations between the north and south slavery states, a compromise was reached to enter Missouri in the Union as a slave state.

1. Agreed to admit
    Missouri  to the Union as
    a slave state.

1. Agreed to allow Maine
    to enter the Union as a
    free state
Both the North and the South agreed to draw a line 36 30'N.  Any state admitted above this line would be a free state.  Any state admitted below this line would have the choice to be free or slave.

Abolutionists and Underground Railroad

Abolitionists were people who wanted to end slavery forever.  Frederick Douglass, was an abolutionists who wrote books and gave speeches against slavery.

1. Convinced Northern's 
    slavery had to end.

2. Helped slaves escape into

3. Helped organize the
    Underground railroad
1. Caused southerns to loose
    money and property

2. Caused anger of Southerners
    towards the north.

Compromise of 1850

Senator Henry Clay convinced the North and the South to agree to another compromise, called the Compromise of 1850.

1. Agreed that if Texas
    gives up land the
    government would pay
    Texas' debt.

2. Agreed to the Fugitive  
    Slave Law: to help
    capture and return
    runaway slaves to the
3.  Agrees to allow Utah and
     New Mexico as
     territories to choose to be
     free or slave.
 1. Texas agrees to give
     up land to be "slave

2. Agrees California
    could be admitted into
    the Union as a free

3.  Agreed to end slave
     trade in Washington

Bleeding Kansas

In 1854, the country decided to add two new states, Kansas and Nebraska. Congress said that the people of these states would vote on whether to be a slave or free state. People for and against slavery rushed to Kansas so they could vote. After the vote there were problems.

1. Claimed they won the

2.  people led by, John Brown,
     killed settlers at
     Pottewatomie Creek
1. Claimed anti-slavery 
    voters cheated

2.  Burned Lawrence,
Over 200 people died before Federal Troops came to stop the fighting.

Election of Abraham Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln was elected president southerners became upset.

1. Wanted to stop the
    spread of Slavery

1.  Angry that Lincoln
     would not allow slavery
     to spread into new

2.  They worried that not
     allowing slavery to
     spread would effect the
     southern economy