The Fight for Independence

Continental Army

           British Army 
Who Fought?

VOLUNTEER men and boys
Farmers, Merchants and Workers

Three problems the army faced:      

1.  Out numbered by the British troops
2.  Few Supplies, and little money
3.  Volunteers did not know how to be 

Who fought?


How were British soldiers different from Continental soldiers?

1.  Trained
2.  Paid for their work
3.  Had supplies they needed
Continental Army's Motivation to win:
The believed that by winning they could make a better life for themselves and their families.

Problems The British Army faced:
1.  They were a long way from home.
2.  It was hard for the Army to get their supplies to shore.
3.  They had to fight in a country they didn't know well.

Continental Army Allies helped:
France: provided Gunpowder and Navy
Spain: agreed to helped France
Spain:  Captured British port in Florida

Britians now felt they were fighting 3 wars:
1. with Colonies
2. with France
3. with Spain
Three Groups that did NOT fight the British:
1. Loyalists
2. African Americans
3. Native Americans

Groups that helped the British:
1. Native Americans
2. Loyalists

Strategies for an Defensive War:
1.  Hit and run tactics
2. Guerilla tactics

Strategies for an Offensive War:
1.  Capture Boston where they thought most patriots lived.
2.  Capture major cities.

3.  Force George Washington to bring his troops out into the open.
Treaty of Paris:

Agreed to:

1.  Restore rights and property to Loyalists

Treaty of Paris:
1. Agreed to recognize the United States as an independent Nation
2.  Give a large amount of Land to the United States.