The Articles of Confederation created a government as unbalanced as a stool with one leg.

There were three problems with it:

1.  Weak government

2.  Congress had difficulty passing laws

3.  No power to collect taxes


Constitutional Convention was like a meeting where a team of workers designs and creates a new stool.

George Washington, president of the convention, kept the delegates respectful.

James Madison brought his plans for a new powerful governement.

Gouverneur Morris wrote most of the draft of the Constitution.


George Washington                    James Madison                  Gouverneur Morris

The Consititution
created a government as balanced as a stool with three legs.
Branch name Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch
Main Responsibility: To make laws (legislate) carry out the laws (execute laws) interpret the laws and settle disagreements (judge)
Members: Congress -
   1. Senate
   2.  House of Representives


Courts with judges
Key Powers: 1.  to make laws

2.  approve or reject 
     appointments made 
     by the president

3. approve treaties or
    declare war
1. veto laws

2.  make proposed laws

3.  call Congress together

4.  grant pardons
1. interpret laws

2. settle

3. makes sure all
    laws and treaties
    agrees with the
    U.S. constitution.