Spelling Pattern Links

Spelling Games
Games: Either with specific skills OR with multiple games to a page.

Games that use your spelling list (After you type the words.)
Diagraphs oo  (Words with the double oo sound.)
Catch the spelling: catch falling letters in the correct order.

Spelling City:  type in OUR list

Word Toss: antoym, synonym game

A Game: Multiple Spelling Games

Activities from our spelling list.

Jelly Fish: Prefix, base, and suffixes

Spell Check: which is wrong           

Spelling Wizard:                            
make a spelling scramble or Word search from 10 of our spelling words

Pond Life: How do you change the word to make it plural?

SpellARoo: leveled spelling game.
Word Safari: use 7 words you need help with to practice
Silent Letters Games: multiple games with silent letters

Harcourt Prefixes or suffixes

Spelling Contract Page 1
Prefix Matching Game

Online Refridgerator magnets
 to practice making words with!

Spelling Contract Page 2